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Cavaliers are part of our family

Our Cavaliers are family members, each with a personality and important position in our heart. Although we aim at breeding beautiful and healthy Cavaliers and enjoy showing them, all these dogs of ours are our dear pets. They live with us, enjoy active and free life with daily walks in the woods and are fed organic fresh food. You can see their happiness!

We have now bred for almost 40 years with satisfying results. Nowadays we have occasionally a litter, as judging appointments in many countries take most of my free time. We have over 50 champions to our credit so far. And many happy people who own an Anncourt Cavalier as although we aim at exceptional show quality, we think that HEALTH and temperament are even more important in a family dog.

FIN CH Karabel Kalista of Anncourt

Some of our Breeding

Vulle - Anncourt Voulez Vous
Honey - Anncourt Honey Honey
Mac - Anncourt McTramp
Lore - Anncourt Lorenzo
Bondi - Anncourt Bondi Beach
Pipa - Anncourt Temps Leve
Nata - Anncourt La Serenata
Sontsa - Anncourt Parasol
Samppa - Anncourt Ponsardin
Money - Anncourt Money Money
Dollsi - Anncourt Secret Dolls
Mia - Anncourt Abba
Onni - Anncourt Super Trouper
Eppi - Anncourt Country Rose
Lucy - Anncourt Louise
Lola - Anncourt Lorraine
Romeo - Anncourt Queens Guard
Brenda - Anncourt Brenda Harrison
Miss Lemon

Important Imports

Luke - Deeriem Thelonius of Anncourt
Harrison - Prestonville Aris Tweed
Laurie - Elvenhome Finlandia
Ozzie - Elvenhome Madeinoz

King Charles Spaniels